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Exercise for Sobriety

When we’re in recovery, we will want to find healthy coping skills to replace our addictions and the ways in which we’ve used them to cope. We become dependent on addictive substances and behaviors because of how they make us feel. We experience feelings of pleasure, release, relief and even euphoria. We feel a boost in our confidence. We feel like we’re on top of the world. These feelings are in and of themselves not unhealthy but the fact that we’re using such toxic and dangerous chemicals to attain them not only worsens our mental health, but it also puts us in grave physical danger. When we’re trying to eliminate our dependence on addictive substances, finding healthy things that give us those same positive feelings can be extremely helpful for our recovery and can help us maintain our sobriety.

Exercise releases endorphins in the body, good-feeling chemicals that naturally add to our feelings of wellness. Many of us feel more positive, more hopeful and more optimistic when we exercise. We feel more at ease and more at peace. We naturally feel more confident in ourselves and our abilities, especially as we push through the physical limitations we assumed we had and work to transcend them. Our bodies create more dopamine with our increased physical activity, giving us some of the same pleasurable feelings we got from our addictive substances and behaviors but from a healthy, natural source rather than artificial, dangerous chemicals. We naturally feel happier, especially when we include exercises we enjoy as part of our regular routine. Physical activity can become part of our wellness program, and we benefit from not only improved physical health but our mental and emotional health as well. We have a wonderful tool to help us combat our addictive cravings along with our depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. We feel more energized and more motivated in our daily lives. We have something to look forward to, something that brightens our day and lifts our mood, and we feel a natural high that replaces the destructive high we got from drugs.

Our addictions and mental health issues impair our ability to care for ourselves. Self-care is often our last priority, and we place more importance on the unhealthy behaviors we’re dependent upon than we do taking care of our health. As we work to recover and begin to prioritize our health more, regular exercise can help us stay on track with our sobriety.

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