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Exploring Weed Addiction

Many of us who smoke weed are convinced that marijuana can’t be addictive because it is a naturally growing plant rather than a synthetic drug. As such, we might not identify as addicts even if we fit the bill. For many of us, we can be just as dependent on smoking weed as any addict can be to their drug of choice. We might feel as though we need to smoke first thing in the morning in order to start the day. We might need to smoke at night to relax enough to be able to fall asleep. We might smoke throughout the day, including at work, to help ourselves cope with the demands of our jobs and daily schedules. When we don’t smoke, we can find ourselves feeling increasingly moody, restless and uneasy. We can feel depressed, anxious and nervous if we don’t smoke. Sometimes we smoke weed to make ourselves more sociable and relaxed in public settings. Sometimes we feel we can’t be around large groups of people, or in any kind of social setting, without smoking. We often feel as though we can’t cope with life in general unless we smoke.

Gateway Drug?

Weed is often considered to be a gateway drug, and there are differing beliefs as to whether or not this is actually is true. While it doesn’t necessarily open us up to try other, harsher drugs, for many of us it can function that way. Our marijuana use can contribute to other addictions because it can relax us and lower our inhibitions enough to experiment with other drugs we might not have tried otherwise. We can feel less scared and nervous to try drugs that we know to be dangerous.

Risk-Taking When High

Even though smoking weed isn’t usually as dangerous as consuming other drugs, we can still find ourselves doing things we’re unhappy about when we’re high, things that we regret, things that we might not have done had we been sober. We can find ourselves more willing to take risks with our health, safety and well-being when we’re high. For example, we might go to work high and risk losing our jobs. We might drive under the influence, with our sensory perception and motor skills being impaired. We might have unprotected sex when we’re high. We might hang out with people who trigger or upset us just because we’re desperate for someone to smoke us up. We can find that smoking weed can be just as destructive to our health and to our lives as any other drug can be.

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