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Feeling Better with Food

When someone is suffering from anxiety or depression, regardless of the source, there can be a directionless need to do something to feel better. The idea of stress eating is a common one, but there is a way to use that to one’s own advantage. When stress eating, it is tempting to go for all of the things that make one feel good – usually sweets, treats, or other things that are typically less than healthy. After all, in the moment, the only desire is to feel good. There is usually no consideration of long-lasting effects, as the need is entirely short-term. How one engages with this kind of indulgent eating can have a drastic impact on whether they can break out of a depressive episode.

Image of Indulgence

Indulging in sweets, baked goods, or fast food is more than typical, and there is no secret that it is not the healthiest option. However, one’s happiness can be directly tied to their diet. The mind of someone in a depressed state is continuously searching for things to be unhappy about – the entire world is framed through this pessimism lens. Overindulging can give the mind more ammunition in this category to use against the person themselves. Their overindulgence makes them feel bad about their eating habits, or even unhappy with the way they look. All of this leads to the detriment of one’s self-image.

Just A Slight Change

However, this desire to eat one’s sadness away can also be a part of the solution. After all, one’s happiness can be tied to their diet. While someone may not want to completely replace all of their Oreos with apples, even making that change a fraction of the time can have favorable results. Just as it is easy to feel bad about oneself for indulging in fast food, it is equally powerful to feel good about oneself for taking the healthy option.

Healing Can Start With a Bite

Food has an immediate effect on the person who eats it, beyond the biological level. It is the first step in feeling good or bad about one’s own decisions. Thus, it can serve as a gateway to further impact the direction one takes while healing in a depressive episode. Healing will always start internally with how one feels, and that can change even while indulging with eating.

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