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joyWhen people use substances, they have different reasons for starting. Some began with prescriptions, innocuously thinking they could control pain that quickly spiraled into addiction. Others suffered trauma or neglect and used substances to numb out. Other people have tried substances as a way to get high and found they liked the euphoric feeling, only to discover tolerance built up leading to addiction. All these avenues lead to the same pathway of destruction but in their own individual ways. Natural ways to experience joy and ‘highs’ that feel good, without substances, are great ways to get more out of life in recovery and find healing after addiction. 


Fleeting Versus Lasting Highs

The high people experience from substances, or euphoria, lasts sometimes only minutes before the after-effects take over. The lasting high is a myth with drugs because people chase it, only to find it lasts for a short time, even shorter when tolerance builds, and they are only left with addiction. Lasting highs, the natural kind, can settle into a person’s soul and help them feel a greater sense of joy than ever thought possible. These types of euphoric feelings may not be as ‘high’ but they also don’t destroy lives and relationships. Don’t be fooled by drugs. They only provide fleeting moments of ecstasy compared with living into the fullness of a recovered life. 



The constant presence of the family in a person’s life can truly transform their recovery. Sometimes they enable and are dysfunctional, which keeps a person locked inside addiction for longer than necessary. When everyone working together can agree that they are able to release negative attitudes and challenges to support their loved one in recovery, there is greater hope for the long haul.



When family provides meaning and substance to a person’s life, they find they can overcome the difficulties they face. Love is transformative and powerful in any form, including kinship love from people who support a person’s sobriety. There is a balance between leaning on someone for emotional support and holding onto the true self as it emerges. Leaving drugs in the past helps people find who they are and supports their journey to becoming more fully alive. Love is not just an emotion, it is about helping people find hope and gain confidence in who they are in recovery.



Focus on the future one day at a time. The bigger picture is that it will only work if a person has accountability and tangible goals with measurable results. It is too hard to focus on ‘long-term goal setting’ if they cannot see past the next day sober. When the time is right, it is helpful to sit down, make a list, and start working towards daily, weekly, and monthly goals to a bigger goal. Maybe it is just one year sober. That is a very large goal. Find supportive people, focus, and get on track with the right people who can help make it happen. 


The Guest House Ocala helps people who are struggling with addiction find hope. We provide treatment programs that support individuals in finding who they are in recovery. Our treatment plans can help you navigate the challenges of finding natural ways to enjoy life and have fun again, without substances. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800