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Living with unresolved trauma can feel like living in an invisible entrapment. You are a prisoner who is able to move about their life. Though nobody else can see your prison bars, you feel them and their confinement nearly every moment of every day. For some people, the imprisonment of their trauma is subconscious. Most often, their trauma manifests in subtle or not so subtle forms of self sabotage and self destruction, in their relationships, their work life, and their ability to handle the responsibility of living as a human on earth. For others, trauma is obvious as they have been diagnosed with PTSD or another mental health condition. Problematically, trauma has stereotypes. What is seen as trauma inhibits others from believing that what they have experienced in life is also trauma. Some can see what holds them back, others are held back without knowing it. Trauma can be the source in either situation.

Trauma affects every single area of your life, whether you are aware or not. When people come to treatment for trauma, they are often shocked by the ways their freedom has been limited by trauma. Moving through treatment is like unpeeling the layers of an onion. As treatment and therapy progresses, as healing progresses, the layers are continuously revealed. With each new layer of recovery comes a new layer of freedom.

Freedom doesn’t always feel the most freeing at first. Recognizing what has prevented us from being free for so long is hard, because trauma is extremely hard to cope with. Trauma halts our brain functions and impairs our nervous system. Our inability to comprehend and process complex toxic stress causes us to compartmentalize the memories of our life. Storing them neatly away suffices for a while but ultimately causes us suffering over time. Through treatment and therapy we release our stored memories and the hold they have on us.

We can never be completely free of our trauma because trauma lives within us as a part of our life. We can be free from the control trauma has over our lives by choosing to recover. Recovery gives us the power to run our own lives, not our trauma. That is a freedom we never forget.

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