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Finding the Courage to Open Up to a New Therapist

New relationships take time to build. When a relationship starts, there is a time when both individuals are learning to trust and understand each other. Beginning a new relationship with a therapist is like starting any new relationship. Take your time getting to know and trust your therapist. Be kind to yourself, and recognize your feelings because working with a new therapist is demanding.

Building a Relationship

Transitioning to a new therapist can occur for many reasons. Resist the thought that you’re starting from scratch. Do you remember what you learned when you went to your first appointment? Use the skills you learned the first time you started therapy to help you ease into your sessions with a new therapist. A few suggestions for creating a rewarding relationship with a new therapist include:

#1. Go Slow

You have a history with your former therapist. Sessions with your therapist may have felt like you were talking to an old friend. Maybe by the time the change occurred, they knew your background, the names, and the roles people play in your life. The first session with a new therapist isn’t the time to unpack everything. Instead, take your time. Spend time getting to know your therapist and decide if the client-therapist relationship is comfortable.

#2. Avoid Comparisons

Avoid comparing the new therapist to your former therapist. The urge to decide if you will have a good relationship with your therapist can occur within the first or second session. Before you make a decision, wait until you meet a few more times. Once you have attended at least four sessions, you can evaluate whether or not you think you’re receiving the care you need. If you decide to discontinue working with your new therapist, you can let them know or sit down and discuss your feelings with them.

#3. Work Together

During the first few sessions, share your reason for starting therapy, your concerns, your struggles, and the progress you made with your former therapist. Be honest about what styles of treatment you like.

Things to Remember

Starting a new relationship with a therapist is comparable to beginning a relationship with a romantic partner. Both of you are learning about each other. With open and honest communication, you can build a positive client-therapist relationship. Take your time, assess the relationship after a few sessions, and decide if you’re comfortable enough to continue.

The client-therapist relationship is integral to good mental health care. Without a healthy client-therapist bond, your sessions can lack the comfort you require to move forward in mental health healing. A healthy bond with your therapist includes discussing your feelings without hesitation. If you are struggling with mental health, you can find comfort at The Guest House. When you enter our treatment program, we take steps to pair you with a therapist who is right for you. Our tranquil location in Florida is an accessible travel destination. To learn more, call (855) 483-7800.