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Finding the Motivation to Heal

For many of us struggling with addiction, we can find it incredibly difficult to work up the motivation to get better. We feel down on ourselves, depressed, hopeless and fatigued. We feel totally depleted of our energy and inspiration. We struggle to feel like ourselves, and our lives become unrecognizable even to us. Feeling as though we can’t motivate ourselves in our recovery can make us want to give up altogether. Coupled with our mental illnesses, our addictions can totally overpower us and our lives, making it hard for us to see the point in even continuing onward if we’re only going to be met with more pain, more obstacles, and more struggle. Our lack of motivation wears on us and impedes our ability to move forward. When we are feeling unmotivated, here are a few ideas to help us regain our sense of motivation, our direction, our hope and our energy.

Rather than isolating ourselves as we so often do, and assuming we need to tackle our recovery completely on our own, let’s surround ourselves with other people who are fighting the same battles, who can understand our struggles and who can relate to our pain. Let’s look to people who are living examples that recovery is not only possible, it is a beautiful journey full of moments of hopelessness and despair but also moments of redemption and fulfillment. Let’s be inspired by other people’s successes. Let’s ask them how they managed to find their motivation when they felt they had lost it. We learn that we can find motivation in our families and friends. We can find motivation in the things that bring us a sense of purpose and fulfillment, the things that make us feel happy and excited about life. We can find motivation in the fact that we are strong, beautiful and powerful, and that we deserve to be healed and to find happiness.

Finding our motivation in recovery has a lot to with exploring why we’ve fallen so low with our addictions in the first place. Our struggles with addiction can make us forget who we are, why we love ourselves, and what we love about life. We feel disheartened, broken, empty, lost and confused. When we examine why we’ve gotten to this place, what some of our deeper reasons for developing our addictions were – our self-hatred, our low self-esteem, the traumas we’ve experienced – we can use them as our motivation to heal. We can find our strength in knowing we are empowering ourselves to move beyond the pain and suffering we’ve been experiencing for so much of our lives.

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