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Finding Wellness Through Yoga

Yoga has increased in popularity in the past few years. It is a proven form of beneficial exercise for both the body and mind. With the help of yoga, people who struggle with physical or emotional traumas can relieve stress and improve their health simultaneously. Those who struggle with substance abuse or behavioral addictions are also better able to cope with life’s challenges by incorporating yoga into their daily activities. Yoga isn’t gaining in popularity because it’s unique. It’s popular because it works.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

Many studies indicate that yoga may be superior to most other forms of physical activity out there today. There is nothing wrong with other forms of exercise. However, the combination of breathing and physical motion aid in improving the functions of the body on every level in a more effective way than other types of exercise available.

Part of yoga’s increase in popularity may have something to do with its flexibility for all those who practice it. Someone who doesn’t or hasn’t exercised regularly may find that yoga is a bit more forgiving than more stressful forms of physical fitness. Those who struggle with a temporary or permanent physical impairment can still enjoy the benefits of physical activity and wellness through yoga. If someone’s traditional form of exercise is compromised because of an injury, yoga still has something to offer.

Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

In addition to physical benefits, yoga’s popularity may be attributed to its ability to soothe the mind. As the state of mental wellness seems to be constantly challenged in modern society, more people are turning to yoga to reap its numerous benefits as a coping tool. In the world of wellness and recovery, yoga’s prevalence couldn’t be more appropriate.

Regardless of where an individual is in their journey through life, they could use a little help with their mental clarity, acuity, and tranquility. Even the most well-adjusted individual, whoever that may be, still has to meet life on a life’s terms. For any one of us living it, we know that life doesn’t play nicely all the time.

Yoga is a proven practice for improving mental health on all levels. Regulating breathing allows the mind (and body) to achieve a sense of calm when anxiety is present. For those who are recovering from trauma, substance abuse, mental illness, or a behavioral addiction, anxiety can feel ever-present. The deep, regulated breathing of yoga, enhanced by physical activity, soothes the part of the mind that is filled with unexplainable or explainable anxiety.

Coping Tool

Yoga is becoming a common practice in the world of recovery. Substance abuse is often treated with yogic breathing exercises in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities. In a world where relapse is unpredictable, a physical regimen that provides positive coping tools daily is an excellent skill to develop. Pursuing mental health and wellness through yoga is always a good idea. Even better if our bodies become a little fitter in the process.

Exercise is a great way to process the pain and anxiety of trauma, substance abuse, mental health conditions, or behavioral addiction. Life constantly throws challenges our way, and those challenges can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to become frustrated or to give up when the mental stresses of life seem to build up without end. Luckily, tools and coping mechanisms like yoga can help us with these stresses. The Guest House can help you learn these techniques. Call (855) 483-7800 for more information.