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When recovering from substance use disorder, not only can life seem to move pretty fast, but you may no longer be viewing situations in black and white. Another part of overcoming addiction involves learning how to experience yourself, others, and the world while living in the present. After a long history of substance use, learning how to live in the present can be uncomfortable. You might be finding it challenging to make healthy connections with yourself, others, and the present world around you. However, understand that there are four ways to feel comfortable and make your transition into the present a little easier.

Play For Enjoyment

Play means engaging in activities for pure enjoyment and recreation. These activities will produce mood-enhancing endorphins that will create deeper connections with yourself and others. These activities help the present feel tolerable and even fun.

Be Conscious

A substance can cause you to dissociate and escape from reality. However, recovery requires a return to consciousness that recognizes the internal and external world. To develop this consciousness, practice curiosity — ask questions about others and your own experiences. Reflection creates consciousness.

Mind Your Senses

Minding your senses at a given moment helps you to connect with that moment, thus allowing you to slow things down and take in your surroundings and what you are experiencing. Take the time to realize your touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound to better understand your feelings.

Share Your Experiences

Sharing a moment you experience with another strengthens your connection to that moment by giving it emotional resonance. Such resonance engages the limbic system in your brain to encourage your dopamine circuit, promoting feelings of harmony.

Recovery can be difficult and, at some points, feel lonely, and this can be scary. Stopping the use of substances and embarking on the journey to healing requires you to be present in the moment, which can be challenging. However, there are four ways to help with this transition, including finding hobbies for enjoyment, becoming conscious of your surroundings, minding your senses, and sharing your experiences. Learning how to become proactive, empowered, and aware can help you move toward more pleasurable experiences. At Guest House, we aim to do just this by offering various therapies that help you engage in life from a new perspective. We work with each individual to find what best suits their recovery needs. If, at any point, you are struggling, feeling lonely, and need help, reach out to us immediately. With 24/7 admissions, there is never a wrong time to reach out. To learn more, call us today at (855) 483-7800.