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Friendship and Connection in Recovery

Throughout the struggle with mental health, addiction, or both, it can be difficult to build relationships with others. Distinguishing between true connection versus commiserating due to our circumstances can be nearly impossible when we are in our addiction or struggling mentally.

As we embark on a journey of recovery, we become better able to create and nurture healthy friendships and bonds. For some of us, this is a whole new world. Real connection with others requires us to be vulnerable, patient, and brave.

Friendships that are based on growth and positivity can be a foreign feeling and possibly even a learning experience. The mindset we have in addiction versus the clarity we gain in recovery allow us to have a new type of closeness with others.

This is one of the many beautiful gifts that come from healing and moving forward in our lives. However, it can be a continuous work in progress, and a willingness we need to practice.


Types of Friendships

Friendships can be based on many things such as environments, situations, or shared interests. While we are in our addiction and dark places, we tend to surround ourselves with others who are in similar circumstances, or who have mindsets that align with ours.

These relationships can encourage unhealthy behaviors, enhance our negative outlook on life, and increase the difficulty in breaking this cycle. Sometimes we are comfortable surrounded by the negativity. It feels familiar. That doesn’t mean these relationships are healthy.

Recovery permits us to experience connections that go beyond the surface and circumstances. Developing bonds founded on positive experiences, growth, and honesty are a foundation in leading a more fulfilling life.

We start to repair the parts of ourselves that maybe had been overwhelmed by our struggles. We put in the work, one day at a time, to access our vulnerabilities and accept true friendship.

Luckily, we are not alone in this venture. Meeting others who are actively working on bettering themselves, who want to see you succeed, and who will give you their understanding and support is one of the greatest aspects of recovery.


Two Way Street

Friendships adhere to the law of attraction: you attract what you put out into the world. When we are in negative places, we tend to attract similar negative energy from others who are struggling like we are.

As we recover, we are blooming out of those dark places, and discovering who we truly are. Growth and confidence return to our lives when we put in the work.

We move away from a self-centered and willful attitude, and are able to be of service to others. New friends come into our lives who accept and love us for who we are, when we allow them.

We find support from others as we give it back to them, and are able to communicate with honesty and from a place of love. This is how we build life-long connections based on trust and positive growth.

These are the truest forms of friendship and the most fulfilling. You are worthy of these kinds of relationships, and the route to find them begins with recovery and creating a better life.

The Guest House is ready to help you begin that better life. Our doors are open, and our staff is excited to be a system of support for you and your journey. To ask any questions and begin that journey today, call 855-483-7800 today for more information.