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From Trauma to Growth

The way we handle traumatic events can have a huge impact on our decisions and how we move forward with our lives. On the flip side, the terrible experiences we have been through can also create many positive changes. With help, we can learn to appreciate our lives more as survivors and find a new sense of growth. When you grow as a result of your trauma, you are not letting it negatively influence your life.

Regulate Your Emotions

There are so many negative emotions that can come with trauma, including shame, anxiety, guilt, irritability, fear, and anger. Instead of thinking so much about your losses, failures, and worst-case scenarios, think about your successes, the best-case scenarios, and what you are capable of doing.

Stay calm and focus only on the present moment, so you can move on from the trauma of your past. Use breathing techniques and mindfulness, so that you can observe your emotions while they are happening.

Talk to Others

You should talk not only about what has happened in the past, but what is happening now. Picture the effects of your trauma and what you are struggling with when you are triggered. Talking about what you are going through can help you make sense of the trauma and turn your emotions into more productive reflections.

Then, you can invite others to share their stories and listen to how they came to terms with their trauma as well. Most people find great relief in being able to talk to others, especially other trauma survivors. It’s important to know that you are not alone.

Create and Share Your Story

Create a narrative about the trauma in your life whether you write it on paper, share it with others, or say it out loud to yourself. Accept the chapters you have already written, so you can make sure the next ones you write are meaningful.

When you are ready, reflect hard on your narrative and try to identify what new paths or opportunities have emerged from it. Perhaps you can find inspiration from people like Nelson Mandela or Lady Gaga, who overcame trauma and were still able to do incredible things with their life.

Sharing the traumatic experience you endured can help build connections with other people who are in your shoes and understand your feelings. They may not know what to do about their trauma and you can help lead them on the path that has helped you. It may not seem like it at first, but you can grow from trauma by taking what you have been through and reshaping your life.

Growth may seem impossible when you feel consumed by your trauma. At The Guest House, we help patients not only grow but thrive. We provide professional treatment for men and women who have survived trauma, using proven methods that include individualized and group therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, art therapy, somatic therapy, EMDR, DBT, CBT, mindfulness, and many others. Working together, we can empower you to heal. To learn more, call us today at (855) 483-7800.