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Trauma changes the way we see ourselves and our place in the world, which can be as simple as a dysfunctional focus on our physical form. Our trauma might change the way we physically see our physical selves and the way we physically fit into the physical world. Many people who experience trauma develop body image issues of some kind, becoming insecure and self-conscious. Body image issues have been linked to other mental health issues, like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more. Severe body image issues can interfere with an individual’s quality of life, limiting their abilities based on their limiting beliefs. Changing one’s perceptions of self changes one’s perception of their world. Many who live with body image issues find resolution in their trauma by resolving their body image.

Science has repeatedly found that a fantastic therapy for changing body image is spending time outside in nature. A study from the UK published in Body Image found that spending time outdoors, specifically in “green spaces” can positively improve body image. Green spaces are any kind of outdoor environments which include green nature like plants, trees, grass, and more. The impact of green spaces is significant. Just looking at photos of green spaces, watching videos of green spaces, or being able to see a few bushes outside a window, can improve body image and reduce stress.

Through a series of different studies including looking at pictures of nature as well as getting out into nature, researchers evaluated if nature itself could be the cause of improved body image. Interestingly, researchers found that viewing images of nature, getting outside into nature, and other nature oriented therapies specifically increased body appreciation. Body appreciation is a major component of body image issues for both men and women. Feeling disconnected from one’s body image can mean not being able to even appreciate the body one has. All kinds of nature interactions increased participants’ body appreciation, which is critical. If interactions with nature can help those with body image feel more connected to their body, that is a huge improvement.

Our remote estate is near some of Florida’s most beautiful nature. Located outside the town of Silver Springs on a beautiful estate of Spanish Moss and nature, The Guest House Ocala offers clients an exceptional immersion into nature. Greenery surrounds our home, inviting clients to take long walks and local nature excursions as part of their customized treatment programs for trauma recovery. Call us today for information on our residential programs for trauma, addiction, and related mental health issues: 1-855-483-7800