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Getting the Support We Need

Our struggles with addiction and mental illness make it very hard for us to reach out for the support we need. We resist asking for help because we’re prideful, because we’re afraid to be seen as weak or vulnerable, and because we don’t feel ready to do the hard work it takes to get sober. When we’re working to heal ourselves, we need all the support we can get, but our resistance can make that difficult.

Sometimes we also don’t receive the support we need because our family and friends have shunned us because of our addictions, or because of the mistakes we’ve made and things we’ve done wrong. This can be particularly hurtful. We reach out for love and forgiveness but receive judgment and rejection in return. This can exacerbate our feelings of loneliness, uncertainty and hopelessness. We can be filled with fear and sadness that worsen our existing mental health issues. When our loved ones won’t help us, we often don’t know where else to turn. We feel that much more alone. We continue our patterns of self-isolation, of pushing people away and distancing ourselves from people. We feel discouraged and further dissuaded from asking anyone else for help.

Culturally, in our neighborhoods and communities, many of us don’t feel we get the help we need because of the societal stigmatization of addiction. In particular, addicts are often criminalized, facing jail time and fines instead of receiving the medical attention and professional treatment they need. We are looked down upon, judged and condemned. We feel shunned and turned away, banished from our families and communities. This can make us feel even worse about ourselves, compounding our self-esteem issues and mental illnesses. We return to our drugs of choice and addictive habits for solace during this very lonely time.

Having the courage to ask for help when we need it can feel insurmountable. We feel as though we have to swallow our pride, humble ourselves, put ourselves out there, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We have to risk being judged and perceived differently. We risk incurring all of the negative associations and stereotypes surrounding addicts and addiction. Once we do take that important step to reach out for support, though, we often feel like it was the best decision we ever made. We receive the inspiration, motivation and upliftment of fellow people in recovery. We benefit from the guidance, wisdom, expertise and experience of professionals who can really help us turn our lives around.

The Guest House is a welcoming and supportive recovery home where you will be met with open arms, wherever where you are on your journey, without judgment or expectation. Call 855-483-7800 today for more information.