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permission to have relationships

Coping with trauma is a complex process that continually weighs on a person through every minute of every day, reframing what the world around us looks like. The constant barrage of emotions such as depression and guilt all constantly work to create a feeling of isolation. We are left feeling lonely in both the physical sense, as well as the mental and emotional. This feeling of isolation gives the other detrimental emotions a chance to grow and fester. Ultimately, we are led to believe that even though we are alone, it may be better that way.

Acknowledging the intentions that this isolation has is a step towards permitting oneself to, once again, have a relationship of any kind. Relationships can be small – a passing hello to someone that frequents a shared interest or joining a group of people with shared beliefs. Keep these stakes low. As the relationship develops, constantly redefine what it is that you want out of it. The relationship doesn’t have to be romantic or long-lasting in nature. Instead, it should be malleable and able to fit whatever needs you have at the time. Allowing yourself to be open to a relationship once again is its own goal and level of success.

The relationship can also be family. Allow yourself to go to dinner with them again, or allow a family member to help you, even if it is a day of distraction. In the end, it is the act of permitting yourself to have a relationship of some kind that puts your future back in your hands. Evaluate and acknowledge the people around you and take a first step toward forgiving yourself amidst the constant backdrop of guilt and sadness that accompanies trauma.

Coping with trauma and all of the co-occurring disorders that come with it is a daunting, life long task. While isolation may feel like a constant, there are people available to help. The Guesthouse works to address coping and grounding strategies for each individual dealing with trauma, while simultaneously addressing the root of the issues that present themselves on a daily basis. For more information on the programs available for you, contact The Guesthouse today at 1-855-483-7800.