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Part of the reason Disney has had such worldwide success for decades on end is the fact that one man, Walt Disney, managed to capture the essence of the quintessential childhood. The Disney-fied childhood is one full of magic, wonder, and awe, free from the struggles and pain of adulthood. Full of fairy dust, adventures, and imagination, childhood is a sanctity, a vacuum of innocence- until it isn’t. Sadly, many children endure what are called Adverse Childhood Experiences, which can result in a disturbance of their mental and physical health. Childhood trauma is more frequent than we might like to consider. Taking into consideration the breadth of childhood trauma makes the importance of “Disney”-like experiences all the more meaningful. In between the horrors of childhood, there are still opportunities for magic. Even as adults healing inner child wounds, the magic still abounds.

According to research from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, over 46 percent of children in America have lived through at least one trauma in their short lifetime. More than 20 percent have lived through two or more. The 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health published in Academic Pediatrics provided the data.

What helps children with trauma

Research found that there are many resources which help children cope with trauma. “…Effective parenting, supportive neighbors, involved schools and teaching kids how to be resilient can all help reduce these harmful effects,” writes Medical XPress. Early interventions are proven to be the most effective for coping with trauma before maladaptive patterns of behaviors develop. Children who do not learn how to cope with traumatic events in a healthy and positive ways can experience great difficulties in mind, body, and spirit throughout the rest of their lives.

Effects of childhood trauma

Long-term health risks of mind and body are the greatest problems for children who experience traumas at a young age. Risks can include:

SmokingAlcoholismDrug AddictionPost-Traumatic Stress DisorderDepressionHeart DiseaseLiver DiseaseChronic Illness

Unresolved childhood trauma can follow you into adulthood. Your inner child deserves to heal. You deserve to be healed as well. Recovery from trauma is possible. The past doesn’t have to follow you forever. The Guest House Ocala offers private residential treatment for trauma and related issues. Call us today for information on life at the estate and our clinical programs for healing: 1-855-483-7800