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Adventure Therapy

When you have decided to seek help for mental health issues or addiction, you may not give much thought as to whether you will have any sort of fun or adventure during your healing process. It is easy to think of fun as a luxury, or as something not needed or necessary. Or maybe you associate fun with activities or people that may not be the healthiest of choices for you. The truth is, having fun and enjoying yourself is a huge part of the healing process. Treatment can be a daunting, scary thing. Focusing on inner turmoil and conflict can be draining. Learning to enjoy yourself in a healthy manner can help you process your struggles and better understand your feelings. Adventure therapy can be beneficial for many different reasons. Here are just a few reasons this may be something you could benefit from.

Helps Build Relationships

Adventure therapy can include group activities. This can be beneficial for those of us that have a hard time creating friendships or trusting others. You may find yourself doing activities where you need to work with others, trust others, and effectively communicate. To trust and communicate with others you may have just met or barely know can be a challenge. Many of us tend to hide within our shell and take a backseat. Adventure therapy can be beneficial to help break out and work on communication skills. There may be activities when you are placed in charge to lead the group, or to give your opinion. These skills can easily be utilized in your daily life. Whether you transfer these skills to a job, a friendship, or a romantic partner, they can help you to better express your feelings and needs. 

Can Help Lift Your Mood 

As you enter treatment, you will be working on some pretty challenging things. You will probably be taking time to understand your feelings, working on trauma, and understanding your past. Remembering to take time to have fun is important. It can lift your mood and your spirit. Sometimes doing things we love, or simply taking time to have some fun, can actually help us to better understand our emotions and what we are feeling. 

Learning to have fun in a healthy manner is a key component to living a healthy, productive life. Seeking professional help can be a scary thing, and all too often we think we can no longer do fun things. We think that we need to only focus on our conflicts and struggles to work through them. The truth is, having fun can be very beneficial. Treatment options such as adventure therapy may be a great choice. Here at The Guest House, we have many different treatment options to create an individualized treatment plan for you. We are here to help you find the right choice for you. Call us at (855) 483-7800 for more information.