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Heal Your Life With Core Energetics

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to find lasting sobriety or happiness, no matter what you do? When you feel stuck like this, it may be due to the lasting effects of trauma on your mind and your body. An innovative therapy called core energetics can help you overcome these effects and release deep-rooted trauma so you can live a happy and healthy life.

What Is Core Energetics?

Unresolved trauma can have a huge effect on your emotions, your thoughts, and the way you show up in life. Core energetics is a practice that targets this trauma. It helps you release it on a deep, energetic level so you can overcome your struggles and live a more fulfilling life.

First developed in the 1970s, core energetics is based on the belief that we all have a positive force within us. This positive life force is known as your “core.” Some may call it your divine self, your higher self, or your soul. Core energetics helps you connect with this positive life force along the journey of personal transformation and inner discovery.

How Does Core Energetics Work?

Core energetics combines bodywork with psychotherapy and spirituality. This enables you to receive the full spectrum of healing. A comprehensive approach like this will give you a great of success in your journey.

Core energetics uses the idea that we all have three distinct layers of personality. These layers each hold their own energies. When we’re faced with different situations in life, we will react from one of these layers.

The three layers include the mask, the lower self, and the higher self. Core energetics aims to help you release the mask and then heal and transcend the lower self so you can align more fully with your higher self-energy.

The Mask

The first personality layer is called the mask. This is the outermost layer that we show to the world. The mask contains reactionary feelings and emotions like defense mechanisms and survival strategies. It operates in a low vibrational energy of fear.

This aspect of your personality is who you think you should be. It’s the walls that you put up in an effort to hide deeper feelings, tough emotions, and the complexities of everyday life.

Your Lower Self

The “lower self” is often referred to as the shadow self, a concept first identified by Carl Jung. According to the Journal of Analytical Psychology, Jung says the shadow “may be experienced as the regressed and denied ‘other self’ in each individual.”

Your shadow is the part of you that you may not want to face. It holds your deepest secrets, negative feelings of self, and difficult experiences like trauma and addiction. Everyone has a shadow self because it’s a very real part of the human experience.

Jung noted that your shadow is not just something negative. In fact, learning to love this part of you will help you release stuck emotions and energy from years of trauma, addiction, mental health woes, and more.

Your Higher Self

We live in a universe governed by duality. This means that there is an opposite for everything. The opposite of your lower self is called your higher self. This is the real you – the core of who you really are underneath the surface of pain, trauma, and difficult life experiences.

The idea behind core energetics is that it helps you attune more with your higher self. This is the space where you fulfill your dreams, live happily, and feel amazing feelings like freedom, love, and joy. The higher self-concept proves that your past experiences and suffering do not define you. Underneath it all, there is an inner guidance and voice that’s waiting to be freed.

Practices That Make Up Core Energetics

Different therapeutic practices are applied in core energetics that will help you remove your mask, heal your shadow, and access your core higher self-frequency. The thing about this modality is that it’s completely customized to the individual. You can find practices that work best for you as you aim to access your core being.

Somatic Therapy

In core energetics, you may utilize mind-body techniques like Somatic Experiencing (SE) or somatic therapy to help you release energy and trauma that’s stuck in your lower being.

According to the European Journal of Psychotraumatology, SE is a “body-oriented therapeutic approach” that treats post-traumatic symptoms by changing the interoceptive and proprioceptive sensations associated with the traumatic experience. Bringing awareness to your lower self and stuck trauma is the first step in healing. SE allows you to do this in a gentle way utilizing light body movements.

Other Practices

There are many other practices that will help you heal stuck energy in the body and create a deeper connection with your higher self. Meditation and yoga are two such therapies that are known to help you release feelings like stress and regain inner peace.

Other practices may include acupuncture, massage therapy, physical movement, breathwork, and more. All of these modalities can help you heal trauma from the body. They also allow you to build a stronger connection with your core and embody your best self.

Core Energetics at The Guest House

If you’re interested in exploring core energetics, look no further than The Guest House. Our trauma-specific program incorporates a cutting-edge blend of traditional and holistic modalities to help you heal your mind, body, and soul.

Core energetics at The Guest House is a customizable experience that’s unique to each person. In this experience you may explore tharapies like somatic healing, breathwork, meditation, and more.

Facing your lower self and your traumas can be extremely difficult. Our highly-trained therapists are here to guide you through this dynamic experience in a safe and gentle way.

When core energetics is used alongside the other therapies in our program, the options for lasting success are endless. Discover your highest self at The Guest House.

Core energetics is an innovative healing modality that helps you release trauma so you can embody your higher self. At The Guest House, we offer core energetics along with multiple other modalities to help you heal your mind, body, and soul. Core energetics is best practiced with a therapist who will guide you through it in a gentle yet effective way. At The Guest House, you will find this support so you can work through your traumas safely. Our wide range of other holistic therapies pair perfectly with core energetics. No matter what your past experiences may look like, you will discover a profound transformation at The Guest House. Call us at (855) 483-7800.