Healing Power of Words

When in recovery from trauma or dealing with mental health issues, like anxiety or depression, you may be surprised at the effect of the words that you use. Words can have healing power for those of us in recovery. We might be prone to viewing the world in a negative light. We can start to see the positive in life by embracing powerful and healing words. We can use these words to help us when we are overcome by negative thoughts and feelings. Sometimes we can provide ourselves with the help we need. We may feel alone and while we can reach out for support when needed, we can also start to help ourselves by watching our words. We can try to replace some of our negative words and phrases with positive empowering mantras, like:

  • “I am strong!”
  • “I am a survivor!”
  • “I will thrive!”
  • “I will overcome this obstacle!”
  • “I am worth the struggle!”
  • “I can do this!”
  • “I deserve to be happy!”
  • “I will seek healing!”
  • “I cannot control my past, but I can change my outlook for a brighter future!”
  • “Nothing can keep me down!”
  • “I have loving people who care for me!”
  • “I can achieve my goals!”
  • “I can overcome adversity!”
  • “I will smile today!”

Try to adopt some of these phrases into your daily life. By using mantras, we are harnessing the transformative power of words to work to our advantage. We can use these phrases to help boost our mood during times when we feel low. Recite a mantra every day to build a positive frame of mind focused on empowerment and recovery!

Words can be incredibly powerful. Negative self-talk can fill us full of doubt and keep us feeling low. We may be struggling with anxiety or depression. We may be telling ourselves that we will never be happy or find fulfillment in life. When we hear these voices inside our heads, we have the power to turn things around! You can start to introduce mantras and use the power of words to help you heal from your trauma. You may feel low and need a boost from the negativity around you or in your own head. Sometimes, you may need to reach out for support when things get really bad. The Guest House is here for you when you need additional support. We can help you treat your trauma so that you can get back to leading a happy and fulfilling life. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 for more information. Recovery is just around the corner. Remember that you are not alone!