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How Can Families Have Sober (Yet Fun) Staycations? 

The challenges of addiction can take its toll on everyone in the family. This makes it important to remember each day as a gift in recovery. Rebuilding bonds with loved ones should also be a priority, as hard as it may feel some days. There may be repairs to be made within a marriage, between siblings, with parents, grandparents, and many others on the journey of recovery. Staycations can be one way to get away from it all while not spending a lot of money or worrying about going into unfamiliar environments where triggers can occur. Staycations are a great way to enjoy life a little, have fun, and renew focus on recovery. 

Go into Nature

Get away within an hour or two and seek new places to visit natural woods, waterways, and other spaces that are not available by home. There is no better way to understand connection with loved ones than being part of the natural world. Don’t be afraid to stay in a cabin, camp out or rent camper vans to spend a weekend doing something out of the norm, yet still near home. 

Tourism Boards

Check out local tourism authorities and boards for more information about what is happening nearby. They often have great information on what national parks are open, where to park an RV or camper, and how to spend time with loved ones. Hundreds of arts and cultural events are often going on. It might be worth investigating what’s happening one weekend and plan a getaway everyone can enjoy. Be mindful to plan ahead and have sober contacts ready to chat if triggers come up anytime a trip or staycation is planned in unfamiliar surroundings. Don’t be taken by surprise while away on vacation. 

Staycation Time to Get Away

Staying close to home seems antithetical to ‘getting away from it all.’ For people in recovery, this might be just the ticket they need. Put the devices away, pack some games, and enjoy being present with family for a while. Getting away with sober friends can also be a fun way to spend time. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Get a plan
  • Create an outline on what to spend money on and stick to the budget
  • Eliminate travel issues by asking friends to help organize a few things to do if it causes stress
  • Don’t overthink the process

There are lots of ways to enjoy family time or sober friends. Plan a weekend at home where devices are turned off. Rent movies, stream something interesting or go to nearby places and cultural institutions that seem intriguing. Another idea is to cultivate this opportunity once a month by setting aside a Saturday or Sunday to go exploring nearby. Don’t focus on spending money to enjoy time together. Simply work on being present with loved ones and let the work of recovery continue to repair connections. 

The Guest House Ocala understands people are going to struggle with different things in recovery. That is why we offer a variety of programs and services with an individualized approach. We cultivate space for you to become more aligned with the recovery goals you have for yourself while educating you and your family about addiction. You are not alone. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800