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Compassion is an important part of recovery, whether you are in recovery yourself or supporting someone who is recovering. Becoming more compassionate is a matter of practice. Here are a few ways to involve the practice of compassion in your life.

Practice more empathy: Empathy and compassion go hand in hand. Whereas compassion can be defined as sympathy “for the sufferings or misfortunes of others”, empathy can be defined as “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. In order to be compassionate, you have to be empathetic. You cannot have sympathy for others if you cannot understand their suffering. If you do not recognize someone’s struggle as a struggle, you will not have sympathy for it. Cultivating empathy takes time and practice. Ultimately, empathy and compassion will bring your closer to others, as well as yourself.Be compassionate toward yourself: Self-compassion is one of the most difficult forms of compassion to practice. You are typically your own worst critic, refusing to sympathize with yourself or recognize your own struggles as struggles at all. If you cannot be loving toward yourself, it is difficult to be authentically loving toward others. Developing self-compassion is a challenge that all people face. Learning to be gentle with yourself and actively love yourself means overcoming all of the voices in your mind which tell you that you don’t deserve compassion.Volunteer with the less fortunate: Few things can put you right into a state of compassion like volunteering with the less fortunate. Your world and your reality could be someone’s dream come true. Volunteering with the less fortunate is a healthy reminder of the circumstances life can have. Finding gratitude is essential for developing compassion.Watch documentaries: Documentaries are a gift to the world, opening your world to many worlds which exist outside of yours. You can learn about different cultures, environments, histories, governments, sciences, and much more through documentaries. Compelling storytelling can help you connect to the shared experience of life, supporting your ability to be more compassionate toward others.Travel more often: Where documentaries can take you, often times, travel can take you as well. Part of the secret to compassion is the ability to get outside of yourself. Travel takes you out of your comfort zone, throws you in the mix of life. You can experience new places, meet new people, and learn more about the world.

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