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Forgiveness is something we have all needed to find. Whether it be with another person or with ourselves, it is a necessary part of life. However, many people struggle with forgiveness. Holding grudges, staying mad, and not opening minds to other possibilities can all feel easier than forgiveness. If you are struggling to forgive, here are a few points to keep in mind. 


Acknowledge Inner Pain


If you are struggling to forgive, there could be many different reasons. One reason may be that you fail to acknowledge your inner pain or struggle to get past that pain. Take a moment and think about your feelings. Think about their sources. When we can recognize what we are really feeling, we can learn to overcome and work through those feelings.


Forgiveness Is Not the Same As Forgetting


An important point to remember is that just because you forgive does not mean you need to forget. Your feelings are justified. You can choose to look past or forget anything that helps you stay mentally healthy. However, forgiveness and forgetting do not need to be connected. 


You Do Not Need to Reconcile


Sometimes we feel like we cannot forgive because we do not want to be back in the same place as before. Forgiveness does not need to mean reconciliation if you do not want it to. Forgive others for yourself, to feel calm, and to help maintain your happiness. You never need to journey back to past situations if you do not want to. 


Your Road to Forgiveness Is Your Own


Forgiveness looks different for everyone. Every situation you face is different, and you may respond differently. In one instance, you may find yourself forgiving and forgetting. In another case, you may forgive but not accept or offer reconciliation. That is perfectly okay and understandable. Your journey to happiness and overall well-being is your own journey. 


Forgiveness is an essential aspect of mental health. We all face challenges and situations throughout life that will lead to an opportunity to forgive. Learning to forgive others is important to our overall well-being and mental health. Being able to move past various situations can be difficult. Often it is much easier to stay stuck in anger or resentment. Here at The Guest House, we approach mental health issues from a holistic perspective. We are ready to help you gain the skills and tools needed to face your most challenging struggles. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our treatment options and how we can support you on your road to recovery and happiness.