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Sexual assault can be a traumatic experience for victims. They may be struggling to make sense of what had happened to them. They may fear talking about what happened to them. Victims of sexual assault may feel hopeless, powerless, and helpless and may bury the event deep within them. They try to forget what happened or deny it as a way of protecting themselves from feeling pain. They may also engage in other dangerous behaviors, like addictions, as a reaction to the trauma. There is hope for victims of sexual assault. Talking about your trauma and assault may be difficult. However, simply allowing the feelings to internalize can negatively affect you and your personal growth in life.

Finding a safe space to talk about your trauma is one of the most important steps to healing. You may be struggling with trust following trauma and be unsure of what to do. Treatment centers around the country, like The Guest House, can help you make sense of your trauma. You may need to be in an environment with supportive people to feel safe again. There is great power in talking about what happened to you. While you may struggle now, you can get through this issue and take your life back. You can regain your sense of value and control. You may have a difficult time seeing now, but recovery is possible. There is hope for you to heal from sexual assault and other traumatic events.

Sexual assault can be difficult to talk about. You may not be sure of who to trust or where to go. You may be trying to protect yourself from reliving the event by keeping it to yourself. When you keep your trauma inside, you may internalize the feelings. Your feelings may come out in other ways that may be unhealthy for you. You may feel like a victim with no hope for healing or recovery. You can get help. There are people in this world who are trustworthy and helpful. The Guest House is here for people who have experienced severe trauma. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and supportive environment for those in recovery from trauma. Call our staff today at (855) 483-7800 to speak to someone you can trust. Help is here for you. We are here to give you a sense of hope. Call today to get your life back!