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Our perception of trauma can help us heal from it. You may feel like you have little control over how you see yourself following a traumatic experience. You can begin to shift from a victim mindset to a survivor and a warrior who thrives in recovery. Each stage of recovery will feel differently as you pass through it and continue your trauma work.


This may be the first stage when your self-esteem is at its lowest. Something bad has happened to you and it is not your fault. You may feel like you have no control over your own life. You may feel lost and alone. You may feel helpless and hopeless. Remember one important thing. Despite the trauma, you survived! You lived to fight another day.


Being a survivor means you can recognize that you did get through the trauma. You dealt with something horrible and now you are able to begin healing. You are ready to make changes in your life and move forward in your recovery. When you are in this stage, you can start to put the past behind you and thrive in your recovery. 

Warrior Who Thrives 

Now, you are really making progress in recovery. You are beginning to heal and finding strength in yourself again. Not only did you survive your trauma, but you thrived in spite of it. You are now healing and regaining control over your life and your self-image. This is the stage where you begin to live your life again. You may still experience flashbacks and some setbacks, but you know now that you are stronger than your trauma. Your life matters and you are making the positive changes you need to thrive in recovery! 

Trauma can occur in stages as you change your perception of yourself. As you begin to seek treatment, you may see yourself as a victim. You have valid reasons for this: bad things have happened to you in your life. When you are continuing through recovery, you begin to gain confidence and can start to put the past behind you. Being in the victim stage means that you are allowing the past to affect your present. Being a survivor means that you have made it through and recognize trauma as something in the past. When you begin to shift your mindset again, you can take on the mindset of the warrior who thrives. You are living your life to the fullest. You are not in denial of your trauma, but you are pushing forward to a brighter and more hopeful future! The Guest House is here to help you with your trauma. Call us at (855) 483-7800.