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Social Distancing

Social distancing and restrictions continue to limit our ability to engage in activities that may have been meaningful to us. While some restrictions have been lifted, we continue to exercise caution during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep ourselves and others safe. We may need to continue our self-care activities from home due to limited abilities to get out into our communities. Here are some self-care activities that you can continue to maintain our mental health and wellness:

  • Learn Something New Each Day
    • Watching YouTube videos on mental health or self-improvement
    • Focus on hobbies and improve your skills
  • Clean Around the House
    • Increased time at home means we need a suitable environment for ourselves
    • Get rid of clutter and clean up around the house to create a healthy and safe living space
  • Exercise
    • We can exercise at home without a gym
    • Join classes online or try new routines through online videos
  • Read a Book
    • We can catch up on some reading during this time
    • Join an online book club or reading forum to share your thoughts and connect with others
  • Meditate
    • Taking some time to relax and meditate can help our mental health
    • Being home more often than usual may lead to an increase in anxiety
    • Meditation can help us manage our anxiety
  • Take a Bath or Shower
    • Treat ourselves to a nice bath or a long shower
    • Cold showers can also help us relieve stress and build resiliency during this time

By remembering to take time to care for ourselves during these uncertain times, we can help minimize our stress levels and maintain our overall well-being.

We have all been impacted by the social restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic continues into the fall and winter, we may need to continue practicing self-care from home. Keep your home environment healthy and safe. Make your home a warm and welcoming place, as you may be spending much more time there than usual. Take some time to do things for yourself to relieve stress, like a long bath, or try meditation. You can also continue to learn new skills and continue working on existing hobbies. Many online resources are available to help you maintain an exercise routine or learn new skills. If you are continuing to feel stressed during this time, or fear a relapse, reach out for help. The Guest House is here for those suffering from addictions, trauma, and other disorders. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 if you need a helping hand during this difficult time!