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How Can I Get Away From Feelings of Trauma When So Much Negativity Is Broadcast in the Media All Day Long?

Most of us are fatigued with the negativity in the news today. We see bad news on the television, our friends post tragic events on Facebook, and our internet homepage displays the latest, breaking event. Many people feel affected emotionally by all of the bad news that is broadcast to us throughout our entire day. Watching these types of events all day long can have an impact on our overall feelings of positivity.

For individuals with a history of trauma, some of the visuals and sounds of media stories can stir up negative emotions. We may feel that there is no escape from our past feelings of trauma when all around us, bad things are happening! We might feel overwhelmed and not sure what to do! Turn it off! Simple, right? You are not in control of what happens in the world; however, you do not need to know about every bad thing that happens.

Many of us struggle with turning off the news because the news is important. We want to be well-informed of the world around us. Consider this: how often do good things happen? More often than you would think from watching the news!

Just think about your day and some of the positive things that have happened. We are led to believe that only bad news is important, but good things are just as important! Begin to seek out the good things in the moment that you are living in! Sometimes, our friends on social media accounts, like Facebook, can flood our newsfeed with tragic events happening locally and around the world.

While we like to feel informed about what is happening in the world, most of us turn to social media for a break or a chance to connect with our friends and family. Most social media platforms offer features to control the content that you see on your phone or computer. Learn to use these features for a more positive social media experience!

With all the bad news in the world today, we may still have a difficult time not thinking about negative events. Those of us with a history of trauma might especially find it difficult to feel hopeful in a world that seems so bleak. Sometimes, we can benefit from a change of scenery in a safe and comforting environment surrounded by supportive people. The Guest House is a unique treatment setting for individuals like you, who are feeling overwhelmed and need a safe place to heal. Call us today at (855) 483-7800!