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Struggling with addictions can be difficult. We may have cravings that we feel are no longer under our control. We may be using our addiction to escape from feeling painful emotions. We may be unable to cope with any stress and have used addictions to deal with our stress. Discovering why we have an addiction can be an important step toward letting go of our addictions. We may need to be patient with ourselves through the process of detox and sobriety to get a clear head about the root causes of our addictions.

We may have experienced past traumas in our lives that have led to our addictive behaviors. We may not have the proper coping mechanisms to deal with the negative feelings associated with trauma. We may not even be aware of our trauma or the impact of trauma. Some of us have experienced a singular traumatic event that has sparked our addiction. For others, we may have experienced a lifetime of trauma that appeared normal to us, yet dysfunctional to others.

Undiagnosed mental health disorders can also be at the root of an addiction. We may feel that drinking or using other drugs can help us deal with anxiety or depression. We may have used drinking as a “social lubricant” when faced with social anxiety. We may have used amphetamines to bring us “up” during low points in our depression. Understanding the root causes of our addiction can help to recover and let go of the addiction.

Letting go of your addictions can take a lot of time and work. You can let go of your addiction and you are worth it. You may need to learn to deal with underlying causes at the root of your addiction. You may be dealing with an undiagnosed mental health disorder or past traumas. You may have been using your addiction as an escape from these disorders. Your addiction may provide temporary relief from these afflictions, however, to truly change and grow, you may need to work on these root causes. When you learn to deal with the root causes of addiction, you may be able to heal from your addiction. Healing from addiction and recovery from other co-occurring disorders can be completed together for the best results. The Guest House can help you with both your addictions and the root causes. We believe that by dealing with the root cause of addiction, you can begin to let go of the addiction. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.