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How Can I Optimize My Employees’ Mental Health in the Workplace?

Your employees are just as likely to experience mental health concerns as anyone else – and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) states that around 43.8 million people experience a mental illness each year. Previous research has shown that mental illness can impact a person’s workplace productivity – often making it more difficult for them to concentrate at work and increasing the likelihood that they will be late or miss days altogether to cope with the symptoms of their condition. There is much productivity loss and costs associated with mental illness, there’s no better option than to provide your employees with the support they need to overcome their obstacles. By optimizing their resources, you are showing that you care – and employees who feel cared for are more likely to work harder and stay longer in their positions.

Mental Health America (MHA) provides some excellent suggestions for supporting those in the workplace:

  1. Define your organizational culture based on respect, inclusion, and communication. Treat your employees fairly, and train supervisors to do the same. Ensure that all employees are aware of their rights in terms of the Family and Medical Leave Act in case they need it.
  2. Provide access to employee assistance programs (EAPs), which can help employees find emotional and psychiatric support.
  3. Ensure that your employees receive appropriate mental health coverage.
  4. Create accommodations for employees such as flexible schedules and opportunities to work from home so that they can attend doctors and therapists’ appointments or simply focus on their mental health
  5. Promote work-life balance so that your employees do not feel too stressed or overwhelmed, which can lead to issues with anxiety and depression
  6. Create safe spaces at work to talk about mental health, and provide workshops to educate your employees on the risk signs for mental illness
  7. Offer your personal support by creating follow up meetings with employees to see how they’re doing
  8. Create a return-to-work policy so that all employees are aware of the strategies for coming back after a leave

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