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How Can I Release My Limiting Beliefs?

The beliefs that you have play a role in your actions. If you have limiting beliefs, they can inhibit your ability to live a fulfilling life and cause self-destructive behaviors that hold you back. Fortunately, you can learn to release these. Techniques like freestyle journaling, practicing forgiveness, and improving your awareness can help you identify and change beliefs that might be holding you back.

What Is a Limiting Belief?

As a person, you have many beliefs. The combination of your beliefs impacts what you believe to be possible and the choices you make. Limiting beliefs are things that you hold to be true that stop you from doing things. Therefore, they limit your choices. For example, if you believe that you cannot cook spaghetti, you will not try to do so. This is because you feel that you are unable to.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

Research has found that you begin to judge beliefs as early as five years old. This means that from a young age, you consider and analyze your own and others’ beliefs. However, judging and releasing limiting beliefs takes practice. Improving awareness and practicing forgiveness are both techniques that can help you judge and change beliefs that are stopping you from living a life you love.


Becoming aware of your beliefs is the first step to changing them. When you are more aware of what your beliefs are, you can start to see how they shape your life. You are also able to look at them more clearly and make a judgment on if you still think they are true.

While awareness as a concept is simple, it can be difficult. Tools like meditation or journaling can help you pay attention to how you feel and work through your feelings and thoughts. Both of which help to improve your awareness.


When you are trying to heal, it is normal to feel frustrated when you discover your limiting beliefs. However, this frustration can cause resistance that makes you hold on to these beliefs even tighter.

Having limiting beliefs is a very common and normal part of being human. While it is normal to feel frustrated, practicing forgiving and understanding yourself will allow you to heal from the events that have caused these beliefs.

How Releasing Limiting Beliefs Can Help

Creating a life that you love requires healing, and part of the healing process is addressing your limiting beliefs. Research has found that changes in negative beliefs can help you to heal from trauma. By bringing your awareness to these beliefs, you are changing the foundation on which your decisions and options are based in. This can help you heal and build a life that you truly love.

Limiting beliefs can weigh a person down and stall their ability to live a life they really love. Releasing these beliefs is an important part of the healing process. The Guest House can help you improve your awareness and learn the necessary skills to release your limiting beliefs. While taking the first steps to heal is hard, in doing so you are taking steps that will change your life. To learn more about how The Guest House can help you, call (855) 483-7800.