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How Can Individual Therapy Help Me Overcome Self-Destructive Behavior?

Self-destructive behavior is common if you struggle with addiction, trauma, or mental health. However, these behaviors can derail your life, increases your risk of relapse, and hurt you and those you love. Individual therapy, fortunately, can help. By working one-on-one with a counselor, you can learn where self-destructive behaviors originate from, the patterns in your life surrounding them, and how to make changes that help you to overcome them.

Individual Therapy

There are a variety of different types of psychotherapy that can help you heal from mental health conditions, addiction, and trauma. These types of individual therapy vary in how they can help. However, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) explains that individual therapy can help you improve awareness, healthily cope with stress, and examine parts of your life that are impacting your mental health.

Overcoming Self-Destructive Behavior

Individual therapy can play an important role in overcoming self-destructive behaviors. Unbiased and professional help from a counselor is an opportunity for you to examine thought patterns that are impacting your choices. By sharing your thoughts and discussing them with a counselor, you can examine them from the outside. This can help you to understand how to recognize when self-destructive behaviors might arise and make changes in the future.

Additionally, individual therapy can help you to examine events in your life that have impacted your choices. Research shows that childhood trauma and lack of healthy attachments can both lead to self-destructive behavior. In individual therapy, you can heal from past trauma. Additionally, it is an opportunity to learn new skills. This includes communication skills that can improve your current relationships and help you build more healthy attachments in your life.

Regardless of your history, individual therapy can help. As it is you and a counselor, you get individualized help. This helps you to identify patterns and learn new skills to make real changes in your life, which ultimately leads to overcoming self-destructive behavior.

Self-destructive behavior can be all too familiar for those who struggle with trauma, addiction, or mental health conditions. However, individual therapy can improve such behavior. Having unbiased and professional counseling not only allows you to understand where these behaviors may have stemmed from but will help you practice recognizing these patterns and make real changes. The Guest House helps clients to make real changes in their lives through individual therapy and other therapeutic modalities. If you are struggling with addiction, trauma, or mental health, The Guest House can help. Call (855) 483-7800 today to learn more.