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How Can Music Therapy Help to Alleviate Symptoms of Trauma?

Nearly everyone has a favorite song or band that they enjoy listening to on the radio or via streaming service. The power of music can alter our mood and can have transformative effects on us within just a few seconds. Happy songs can cheer us up, while sad songs can induce a cathartic release of upsetting emotions.

Music therapy is a form of expressive therapy, along with alternatives, such as art therapy and cinema therapy. Like all forms of expressive therapy, music therapy uses our creations or the creations of others to better express our emotional states.

Trauma can have devastating effects on each person. Some people turn to addictive, self-defeating behaviors in response to trauma. Others develop depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric symptoms following traumatic events. How does music therapy work for healing some of the psychological symptoms of trauma?

A music therapist invites you to create music, listen to music, and reflect upon what you have written or heard. You may participate in a group setting, such as a drum circle, or you may have individualized sessions. When listening to selections of music, your therapist will ask you about how the piece made you feel.

The musical selection will then act as a prop to help you and your therapist build rapport. Music can also be used as a self-help technique. Due to the availability and accessibility of music, many clients can incorporate music as a coping device while outside of the therapeutic setting.

Music therapists may also invite you to write songs and sing along during sessions. Writing out lyrics will help you to better express some of the complex emotions that you are feeling. If you are a fan of music and experiencing difficulty in life due to the effects of trauma, ask your therapist about incorporating music therapy in your treatment program!

Music therapy can be a great way to augment your current treatment plan. Sometimes, however, we might feel that we need much more than an augmented form of treatment. You may be looking for a safe and healthy environment that offers various treatment models for you to try as you find a healing path that works for you! At The Guest House, guests are invited to explore many different types of therapeutic treatment, like music therapy. The Guest House offers both short-term stays and intensive outpatient programs to help you in your recovery! Call us today at (855) 483-7800!