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The irony of going through something traumatic is that the last thing you probably want to do is share this adverse situation with anyone. Revisiting the trauma seems only to upset you farther. You may believe the best option is to avoid thinking about it all, which can make the memories more prevalent without an outlet to let them go. The more the trauma haunts you is when you may decide that you need to do something different. Although your trauma is very personal to you, sharing it with others could be a freeing choice to relieve the pain and suffering you may be experiencing.

You Take the Power Away From Shame

Most people who suffer from trauma believe that no one could ever understand what has happened to them because trauma is personal. Once you can let your guard down and share what happened to you, the shame that has been locked in for so long will finally be released. Sharing in a safe space does not mean that you will instantaneously be liberated from all the pain, shame, or guilt. This process will take time, but the more you are of service to someone, the more it becomes just another piece of your story. 

You Understand Your Strength

Someone who has had to deal with traumatic events may believe that they are damaged goods. When you start to break down the walls of your trauma, you may see that you are a survivor who is courageous enough to share with others what you went through. You can make someone else feel more comfortable in dealing with their trauma because they know they are not alone. You can also give a person hope that they will make it out from under their pain if they open up and work through the trauma as you did.   

All traumas are not alike. There may be some situations that need to stay private and understandably so. You will know what you need to share and what you need to keep to yourself. The point of telling your story is to feel comfortable and not to keep secrets any longer. Secrets will keep you sick, but letting out the truth will set you free. If you are not ready to let others in on your trauma, at least find someone you can trust to help you process what has happened. You deserve to feel better, and attempting to let go of your pain is a beautiful beginning. 


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