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How Can Our Anxiety Block Our Recovery?

As we’re embarking upon the journey of recovery, we can find ourselves consumed by intense anxiety that blocks our recovery and hinders our progress. We feel anxious about all the unknowns and uncertainties of the future. An uncertain future forces us to dwell on the mistakes and regrets of our pasts. We’re anxious about whether or not we’re going to be able to stay sober, and we worry that we’re doomed to keep relapsing. A small but persistent voice in our heads tells us that we don’t have what it takes to get better. While anxiety is a common, natural, and understandable emotion, we don’t want to let it get the better of us. Anxiety can keep us from achieving success in our recovery. What are some of the ways in which anxiety can block our recovery?

Becoming Paralyzed by Anxiety and Stuck in Our Addictions

Anxiety can produce such a debilitating sense of fear that we become paralyzed by it. If we are unprepared, anxiety can leave us so overwhelmed that we can’t function. Anxiety blocks our recovery and keeps us stuck in our self-destructive patterns. We can feel trapped by it. It encourages us to become complacent in the familiar discomfort of addiction. Anxiety tells us that the future is uncertain and unclear, so we might as well remain in our addiction. Since we lack the skills to cope with anxiety, it can overtake us completely. Riddled with guilt about the past and anxiety about the future, we become unable to do anything at all. When we’re in this place, we’re often unable to take conscious steps forward in our recovery. We don’t seek out help. Our therapy sessions lapse. Fear rules our lives, and we’re unable to ask for help.

Using Our Drugs of Choice as Escapism From Our Anxiety

When we’re full of anxiety, we’re also prone to using our drugs of choice for emotional relief. Substances seem to soothe our overwhelming anxiety, nervousness, and panic. Our problems remain, but we numb and distract ourselves from all the things we’re worried about. Our addictions provide a temporary escape from our anxiety. Over time, we create associations between using our drugs of choice and feeling calmer and more peaceful. We convince ourselves that we can’t relax or cope without them. We develop a strong dependence on them, in part because we’re relying on them to soothe our anxiety.

The brief relief provided by our drugs of choice is only an illusion. When the drugs wear off, our problems remain. For a real, lifelong solution to anxiety and addiction, we need a practical recovery solution. At The Guest House Ocala, our experience with addiction and recovery makes us uniquely equipped to be able to understand the struggles you’re experiencing. We’re here to help. Call 855-483-7800 today for more information on our treatment programs.