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How Can Our Friendships in Recovery Help Us?

Now that we’re in recovery and working to prioritize our sobriety, the friendships we have with other recovering addicts can make all the difference to our success. When we were still actively using, many of us surrounded ourselves with other addicts who were also using, and we exacerbated each other’s addictive patterns by encouraging each other’s drug use, enabling each other, and being accomplices in each other’s self-destruction. Our recovery gives us the opportunity to cultivate new friendships with people who are similarly sober and committed to their recovery. It also allows us to heal the friendships that might have been strained or damaged due to our addictions. When our friends are in a similar place in their sobriety and don’t pose a threat to our recovery, the benefits of our friendships in recovery are many.

Mutual Support

When we’re both in recovery, we can benefit tremendously from the mutual support we give each other, from how much we can relate to one another and understand each other’s challenges. As we know, struggling with addiction and being in recovery can both be lonely experiences, and we can feel that most of our loved ones, if not all, can’t possibly understand what we’re going through. Our friendships with other recovering addicts can provide comfort, solace, and companionship many of us have been missing. When we feel as though we’re not alone, we feel a renewed sense of hope and motivation. We can encourage and inspire each other to keep going. We can fuel each other’s progress, and we can be each other’s accountability partners. There is so much we can learn from each other, from the mistakes we’ve made, the struggles we’ve had, our successes and the many joys we experience in recovery, all of which we can share with each other to help propel our forward momentum and growth.

Solidarity in Recovery

Our friends’ addictions don’t necessarily need to mean the end of our friendship, as long as we’re taking measures to ensure that our sobriety, well-being, happiness and peace of mind are not being compromised by the friendship. If we feel confident that our connection is a mutually beneficial one, we have someone to walk the journey of recovery with, to help us when things get tough, to listen when we’re feeling overwhelmed, and to pull us back from the ledge if we feel we’re in danger of relapsing. No one understands the challenges of recovery like other recovering addicts, and our friendships can prove to be an invaluable source of love, understanding, empathy, and support as we move forward. When we feel solidarity with other people when we have allies in the important work we’re doing, there is no limit to the success we can have, in our recovery and in our lives overall, and our close friendships mean we always have someone to celebrate those successes with.

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