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How Can People Reward Themselves at the Holidays for Their Sobriety?

When people hit the holiday season in recovery, they often struggle with how to handle the emotions, triggers, cravings, and other issues. When it comes to personal rewards, it can feel like they are not deserved because it is just another day in sobriety. It is okay to keep celebrating the small (and big) achievements, even if it is just still standing at the end of the day. Every day forward is a good day in sobriety. Find some tips on how to reward yourself in recovery.

Get Educated

Nurture your spirit and curiosity around different subjects and topics. Perhaps a fun improv or acting class would be of interest. Pick something that inspires and allows you to have a fun, playful time. It might mean thinking of new and innovative classes you’ve been wanting to take but haven’t had the courage (until now). Gift yourself something fun and freeing this holiday season. 


When people are in recovery, it can feel like drudgery day after day of doing the same thing like going to work, going home, going to sober meetings. Don’t let the mundane be the reason for stopping the progress made in recovery. New journals can offer liberating and cathartic feelings that are freed on the page, either through artistic expression or words. People love to do collage art and writing, so this might be helpful, as well. Intention lists and goal sheets can be helpful tools for writing in a journal. 

Frame Meaningful Statements

However a person feels inspired, it can be helpful to hang the phrase or words up on a wall in the house. Getting a framed piece of art with the phrase or words that are inspirational can be helpful when triggers, cravings, and low points hit. Art can be framed to hang that has meaning, as well, and provide joy at the moment. 

Reflection Jar

Buy a round jar to put pieces of paper into with dates. Track those moments that feel important and might be helpful in keeping thoughts positive when it comes to recovery. It is a hard journey, so be sure to find hope and healing in recovery with some positive thoughts. 

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