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How Can Somatic Therapy Help Me Overcome Trauma?

When you experience trauma, you are pushed beyond your mental and physical limits. The tension that results from trauma is held in the body. Therefore, when you are healing from trauma, releasing this energy can help. Somatic therapy is a method that can help you to overcome trauma, especially when it is used alongside other treatment methods.

Somatic Therapy

In the 1970s, somatic therapy was developed as a way to teach the process of discharging the build-up of energy that occurs from trauma. If you participate in somatic therapy, it might involve massage, movement, stretching, exercise, or treatments for your skin. Research shows that these methods help to decrease chronic stress and heal from the somatic and emotional dysregulation that occurs as a result of trauma.

Overcoming and Healing From Trauma

The process of overcoming and healing from trauma is complex and takes time. This is partially due to the connection between trauma and the body. As a result, healing requires releasing stored energy from the traumatic event. Somatic therapy can help you to heal by helping you heal from dysregulation without needing to retell the trauma.

Experiencing trauma has a dramatic impact on your nervous system. Whether you struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or simply have experienced trauma, you are likely to have symptoms of a dysregulated nervous system. This includes sleep disruptions such as insomnia or frequent wake-ups at night. Additionally, you may experience changes in your mood, energy, and overall mental health. Fortunately, the release of pent of energy can help. Processing the energy in your body with somatic therapy has been shown to heal from this dysregulation.

While many types of therapy for trauma include retelling the tale, somatic therapy does not. This approach is unique. However, it is highly effective for healing. You may not want to retell your experience. Additionally, bringing these memories to the surface might increase anxiety and symptoms of trauma. Therefore, somatic therapy offers an approach that allows you to heal without having to relive the negative experience itself.

Somatic therapy can treat conditions like trauma by releasing pent-up energy. As a therapy that focuses on healing from trauma by releasing stored energy, it is often highly effective in conjunction with other healing modalities. The Guest House offers a unique array of options to heal from trauma, including somatic therapy. By utilizing multiple modalities, you can release pent of energy and heal from trauma and the underlying issues. To learn more about The Guest House and treatment options, call (855) 483-7800 and speak with a staff member today.