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How Can Travel Help Us Recover?

Sometimes when we’re in the midst of our recovery, being in our original surroundings can detract from our healing. We’re surrounded by sights and sounds we associate with our addictions. We’re constantly being reminded of our unhealthy relationships, toxic habits and drugs of choice. It can help us immeasurably to have a change of scene, to go to rehab in a brand new place, and to travel if we have the opportunity. How can travel help us recover?

Personal Development

Travel is not only fun, it’s a unique means of personal expansion, development and learning. It can be so fulfilling, not to mention exciting, to visit new places, learn about new cultures, and see new things. Meeting new people, broadening our horizons, and seeing how other people go about life, and recovery, can be invaluable. We can feel less isolated the more we connect with new and exciting people, places and cultures. Travel can help us come out of our shell and seek out connection with people. It can spark our curiosity. It can awaken our excitement when for years we’ve felt drained of enthusiasm, motivation, creativity and inspiration. It can motivate us to try new things and expand ourselves in our recovery, as we’re constantly striving to be the happiest, healthiest and most fulfilled version of ourselves we can possibly be.

Energizing Our Recovery

The recovery process can be overwhelming, and just like any routine, it can become lackluster, boring and draining. We can breathe new life into our recovery by incorporating travel. We can use a trip as our reward for reaching a certain milestone in our recovery. We can plan a fun family vacation to reconnect with one another and spend some quality time, helping ourselves to heal from the trauma we’ve all experienced due to our collective struggles with addiction and mental illness. We can use a solo-trip as a time to connect with ourselves, get to know ourselves better, and give ourselves much needed solitude and space to heal. We can use the excitement of travel as an incentive to keep working hard at our recovery. We can allow a new place to make us feel alive again and bring passion back into our lives. We can let travel give us a whole new, fresh perspective on our old, unresolved issues, helping us to see them more clearly and objectively because we’re seeing them with new eyes in a new place, invigorated and energized by a new spirit.

At The Guest House Ocala, our recovery programs include many experiential modalities including traditional therapy, conscious connected breathwork, equine therapy, somatic experiencing, art in healing, grief therapy, mindfulness and other forms of therapy.

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