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Patterns of Self-Harm

A significant part of recovery work is addressing our harmful, self-defeating habits. From there, we can make the necessary changes in our lives to be able to break those patterns. Many of us have recurring patterns of self-sabotage and self-harm, including our struggles with addiction. Our addictive patterns are accompanied by other problematic patterns that look different for everyone. This might include self-harm, endangering others, holding ourselves back, limiting our progress, and not living up to our full potential. We might have unhealthy relationship patterns of codependence, enabling, and toxicity. There may be longstanding family patterns of mistreatment and abuse. Addicted people experience the same difficult life circumstances repeatedly. Often, they don’t even realize that they are trapped in cyclical patterns. How can we break our recurring patterns?

Subconscious Self-Destructiveness

At the core of these patterns is a tendency toward self-destructiveness. We’re often not conscious of this driving force within us to self-destruct. For many of us, it is subconscious and rooted in the limiting beliefs we’re carrying about ourselves. Consciously, we think we want what’s best for ourselves. Subconsciously, though, we believe we’re not good enough. We believe we don’t deserve to be happy or to have good things in life. Our subconscious mind tells us we’re unworthy, unlovable, and inadequate. In our addiction, we make choices that are not in our best interest, perpetuating patterns of self-harm and self-neglect. We do things that are bad for us and stay stuck in our addictions instead of getting help.

Objectivity, Clarity, and Perspective

To break our recurring patterns, we want to become more mindful and aware of them. We want to look at our patterns objectively and gain some distance from them. With a proper perspective, we can be more honest with ourselves about them. Rehabilitation centers can give us the time and space we need to break these patterns. It’s easier to escape repetitive behaviors if we’re not still immersed and entrenched in them. We can gain the clarity, understanding, and perspective we need by removing ourselves from our everyday lives. We can practice the self-reflection and inner examination we need to achieve wellness at long last.

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