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How Can We Have a Lasting Recovery?

As we’re working to recover, we realize that the changes we’re implementing will be hard to maintain. We worry that we’ll find ourselves reverting to bad habits and old behavioral patterns. Our greatest fear is that we’ll continue to relapse and never fully land on our feet. Sobriety is such a new and outlandish concept, and we don’t imagine we can ever maintain it. We have to make sure our recovery work isn’t just a passing phase. In the past, our addictive patterns have easily replaced our hard-fought sobriety. How can we ensure that we have a lasting recovery?

Lifestyle Changes

A great way to help ourselves to stay strong in our recovery is to change our perspective. If we think of our recovery as a lifestyle change, rather than just a phase in our lives, we empower our recovery work. We want to think of our recovery as a means of helping ourselves to become new people. It’s not just a set of tasks that we have to complete. When we think of all the different things we have to do, we can find ourselves overwhelmed and burdened by it all. We might get scared, daunted, and intimidated by the weight of our recovery. We might impulsively turn to our drugs of choice rather than continuing to work on sobriety. After all, they were our primary coping mechanisms for fear, worry, and self-doubt. Rather than seeing our recovery as hard work, we can instead choose to see it as a welcome shift in our lives. We’re changing who we are as people. Recovery is an investment in an improved quality of life. Although it’s hard work, we’re also becoming more motivated, more intentional, and more mindful. We’re prioritizing ourselves more and learning to care for ourselves and our needs. As self-love and self-care take their rightful place in our lives, we become happier and more at peace within ourselves.

Staying Uplifted

When we think of our recovery as a lifestyle change and a shift in our overall perspective, we can hold on to our enthusiasm and motivation. We can continue to encourage and uplift ourselves without feeling as though we’re bogged down by tireless effort. The work we’re doing is implementing changes that we want for ourselves and our lives. If we keep things in perspective, recovery stops feeling like tedious work, and we stop dreading the effort. We’re undergoing a lifelong transformation, rather than making small, temporary changes in our habits. Recovery is a total overhaul of our entire lives. By taking this big-picture approach to recovery, we get through the daily trials and challenges more quickly. Our sobriety is about becoming new people. We’re making important life changes and achieving inner peace. In this way, we develop a strategy for successful, lasting recovery.

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