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How Can We Integrate Our Recovery Into Our Daily Lives?

Sometimes our recovery can feel separate from our daily lives, from the routines we grew accustomed to, from our work and relationships, from the lifestyles we’ve created for ourselves. It can be hard to figure out how to combine the work we’re doing in our recovery with the rest of our lives. One way we can do this is by choosing to see everything we do as part of the recovery process, including things we might not normally associate with recovery work.

Everything We Do is Recovery Work

We tend to think of our recovery work as the meetings, therapy sessions and workshops we attend, and the practical, logistical, tangible steps we take. Our recovery, however, is much more than that. We can integrate everything we do in our daily lives, from the smallest and seemingly most inconsequential things, into our recovery program. We can incorporate the things that don’t seem to be recovery-related into our work. For example, when we meditate, make time for self-care, or commit to a gratitude practice, these are elements of our recovery work. When we make the conscious choice to repair our relationships, go to family therapy and learn more about communication and conflict resolution, we’re doing recovery work. When we address old unresolved issues that we think have nothing to do with our addictions but that are affecting our mental and emotional health, we’re doing recovery work. Everything we do on a daily basis to keep ourselves sober is part of our recovery. Every time we practice a healthy habit to replace a harmful one, every time we practice speaking and thinking of ourselves with self-love, every time we cultivate a relationship with a sober friend, we’re working towards our recovery.

Staying Intentional

Looking at our recovery process with this perspective helps us to stay mindful and keep our work intentional. It helps us stay focused on our goals. It keeps us attentive, conscious, aware and active. Everything we do in our everyday lives becomes part of the incentive to heal. We’re making everything in our lives an intentional part of our recovery, which keeps us from becoming complacent, lazy or passive. We’re constantly reminding ourselves of our commitment to our sobriety, and we’re keeping it alive in our consciousness and active in our vibration, thereby manifesting more and more wellness as we do the work to heal ourselves.

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