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Addicts in recovery are often held back by the belief that recovery is an impossibly challenging experience. We’re telling ourselves repeatedly that it’s impossible to quit. This monologue convinces us that sobriety is unattainable for most people. We tell ourselves that getting sober is not realistic for us. Each misstep and relapse along the way is more evidence that failure is inevitable for us. Our subconscious programming is built, in part, upon the limiting belief that quitting is hard. What if we told ourselves, instead, that quitting is easy?

Changing Our Subconscious Beliefs

The road to sobriety is a challenging journey. Still, it’s made more challenging by our deeply rooted belief that quitting is difficult. What if we began to tell ourselves something different? Changing our thought process can help us develop different ideas. If we repeatedly tell ourselves that recovery is going to be easy, we will come to believe that. Our conscious thoughts and feelings will then reflect the new subconscious programming. The belief that quitting is easy will inform how we think and feel. Our daily lives will begin to transform, and we’ll intuitively make different decisions. We begin to actually believe that it’s easy to quit. We feel strong enough to maintain sobriety, supported by the conception that recovery is truly attainable. We believe in ourselves more, and quitting no longer feels as daunting, intimidating, and overwhelming.

Believing We’re Capable of Recovering

When we think that quitting is easy, it can become more manageable to put down our drug of choice. We can find ourselves feeling stronger and more empowered in our recovery work. Our relationship with our emotions changes because we’re seeing more clearly how substances have hindered our growth. We can start to practice new ways of handling our emotions that aren’t self-destructive and self-sabotaging. If we do relapse, we might not see it as a failure. Instead, we remain convinced that relapse is only a minor setback. After all, we’ve gotten sober before, and we can do it again. 

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