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As we’re working to recover from our addictions, we can find ourselves feeling disheartened, hopeless, and defeated by the many challenges that arise. We have to deal with the paralyzing disappointment that comes with relapsing. We have to face judgment from loved ones when we don’t progress as quickly as they’d like us to. We have to address our own self-judgment for struggling with addiction in the first place. It can be very easy for us to slip into patterns of negative thinking, of being pessimistic about our chances of staying sober, and of being cynical about recovery in general. We might convince ourselves that we won’t be able to get sober after all, even when we’ve already worked so hard and made so much progress. How can we stay positive in our recovery?

Positive Reframing

When we’re feeling negative, especially when we’re feeling particularly challenged by something going on in our recovery, it can help to reframe things more positively. How can we change our outlook on things and think more positively? We can view our challenges as spiritual tests meant to strengthen us. We can see our setbacks as opportunities to prove to ourselves just how powerful we really are. We can take our mistakes as learning experiences rather than as evidence of failure on our part. Learning to think positively is a practice, and like any new habit, it takes time to develop. When we’re having a bad day, we can practice telling ourselves that tomorrow will be a better day. When we’re having an especially rough time with things, we can practice affirming to ourselves that we’re being strengthened by the challenges we’re going through.

Gratitude and Self-Encouragement

Start trying to reframe things more positively whenever you can, and the more you practice this new mental habit, the better you’ll feel about everything, including your recovery. Try to infuse everything, even the most difficult things, with a sense of gratitude and self-encouragement. Train yourself to see the silver linings in tough situations. Practice having gratitude on a daily basis. Encourage yourself when you’re feeling down. Soon you’ll start to see that even the toughest challenges serve a purpose, and when we’re open to learning from them, we empower ourselves to be able to stay the course of our recovery.

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