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Making the decision to take time for residential treatment to heal from trauma is a tremendous experience in life. We pack our bags with what we can bring, close the door to our home, and keep our eyes forward toward recovery. What we leave behind is different for all of us. Those of us who turned toward abusing mind altering substances like drugs and alcohol, might have left paraphernalia, drugs, bottles, money, and the numbers of dealers. For those who developed process addictions, mental health disorders, and other maladaptive coping techniques, there are various reminders of the past waiting for us when we get home.

We might be lucky enough to have willing friends and family to help us clear some of the remainders before we get home. Still, the very paint on the walls, furniture on the floor, and linens on the bed can remind of us a more difficult time, a more different time. Residential treatment changes us for the better. Through different therapies, activities, and healing modalities, we change ourselves in mind, body, and spirit. Who we are at the end of our treatment is a much more strong, courageous, and peaceful individual. Though it has only been a few months, we shudder to think of the state we were in as we left our homes to seek treatment. Going back to our dwellings, we might find we aren’t comfortable there anymore. We are so different now that even our environment needs to change. A total makeover may not be possible. Fresh paint, some rearranging, and a few new purchases might help us. To start, we can let go of physical reminders of the past and do a thorough cleaning of what used to be.

Here are some tips and guidelines for auditing your belongings and letting go where necessary:

Immediately discard anything that encourages any form of self-harm. It can be easy to want to hold onto the varying “tools” we used to cope in negative ways that hurt us. We never think we will actually use them again and we hold on as a sort of safety blanket. Doing so sets us up to find those tools in a moment of desperation. Take it out and get rid of it in a way that is irreversible. Donate, take it to a dump, or have a service pick it up.Consider the things that trigger you and decide to make a change. Everyone has different triggers for their trauma, from clothes and pillows to pictures on the wall. While you are stronger and more resilient, there is no need to live with constant reminders.Ask yourself where you want to be in life and how you want your life to look. Have you always wanted to paint that wall bright orange? Do it. Have you been thinking about getting rid of that old sweater for the last ten seasons, donate it or sell it online. What no longer serves a purpose for you might serve a purpose for someone else, or its purpose might be better served in the trash.Allow yourself to feel the feelings of letting go. Confronting old memories and letting go of the past isn’t always easy. Hire a friend or family member to join you in your endeavor and offer you support each step of the way. Cry when you need to cry. Laugh when you need to laugh. Leave your residence and get outside when you need a break.

At The Guest House Ocala, you will be met with open arms, welcoming you where you are, how you are. Our private residential treatment programs are individually designed to help you heal from trauma, addictions, and related issues. Come transform your life from the past for a brighter future. Call us today for information on our concierge style accommodations: 1-855-483-7800