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We live in a society that pushes constant motion and activity. People brag about how many hours they have worked in a given week, the number of activities they completed, or how early they wake up. Rarely do you hear people brag about their self-care routine. However, learning to practice even the most basic of self-care routines can be beneficial. Here are a few different suggestions to get you started with greater self-care. 


Remember Your Goals


Life gets busy. We all fall into routines, and often some of our goals get pushed to the side. One great self-care technique that you can incorporate is learning to hit the pause button and check in on those goals. Are you taking appropriate steps to work towards your goals? Are you focusing on the future that you want for yourself?


Pause Before Reacting


Learning to pause before reacting is a great skill to have. When we can pause, we can think through situations and make informed decisions. Self-care sometimes looks like putting your mental health first. Ensuring that you are making healthy choices is precisely what you need to do to journey through recovery healthily.


Communicate Your Needs and Intentions


Self-care means communicating your needs both to yourself and to others. We all have needs, and we all need a connection with someone with whom we can talk and express ourselves. Learning to be open about what you need in relationships and your life to maintain overall well-being is essential. Take some time to acknowledge your feelings and emotions. This will help you to communicate better what you need. It can be challenging to be open with others if we cannot be open with ourselves. 


Many individuals struggle with having a busy and seemingly nonstop daily schedule. When we find ourselves constantly busy, it becomes increasingly easy to ignore our basic daily self-care. When this happens, we put our mental health at risk. Take time to think about what your mind and body need. Take time for yourself. Communicate your needs, check in with your goals, and learn to pause before reacting. Here at The Guest House, we know how challenging it can be to understand your mental health and where you should begin to prioritize your daily self-care. We are here to help and support you. Call us today to learn how we can support you at (855) 483-7800.