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How Connection Can Help Us Heal

When we are suffering from our addictions and mental health issues, one of the most painful emotions we commonly feel is a sense of disconnection. We feel disconnected from our inner selves, from the people around us, from the people we love, and from the world. We feel isolated and alone. This is compounded by how much we tend to retreat inward, isolate ourselves and separate ourselves from other people. We avoid social interaction because of the fear and anxiety it causes us. We avoid people because we don’t want to talk about how depressed we feel. Sometimes it’s simply too hard to talk. We avoid connecting with people because it feels too painful. We don’t want to have to update them on the progress we haven’t made, or the shame and sadness we’re still feeling consumed by. We disconnect out of self-protection when we’re afraid of being judged by other people. We disconnect because we feel deeply estranged from ourselves and our truth. We don’t know who we are, where we’re going, or what our purpose is. We feel lost and misguided. We feel out of alignment. We feel disconnected from our spirit and our higher power.

Reconnecting with other people can be a powerful way of helping ourselves heal. It reminds us we’re not alone. It shows us that so many other people are struggling with the exact same issues, and that we can stand to learn so much from each other. We can support each other, listen to one another, and give each other guidance and motivation. We can be each other’s source of hope and inspiration, especially when we’re feeling weak, powerless, and defeated by the pain of our addictions. When we take time to connect with other people, we see that we’re not alone with our pain. We have allies and resources. We have people to turn to when we feel most scared and alone.

Connecting with ourselves is an important part of being able to connect with others. We want to give ourselves time and space to go inward and to reflect on our past, our painful experiences, our accomplishments, and just how far we’ve come. We want to give energy to building our self-love and self-acceptance. We want to connect with our inner selves, through meditation, prayer, energy healing, writing and self-expression. We want to become a source of support and unconditional love for ourselves. The more connected we feel to our inner selves and to each other, the more we heal ourselves from the afflictions that have been causing so much disconnection in our lives.

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