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How Do I Avoid the Wreckage of My Future?


You might have heard that you were your own worst enemy when you were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Well, the same can go for you in your recovery. Drugs and alcohol put you in awful situations that you would only attempt because of the elusive effects. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting.

When you do not understand that the root of the problem revolves around trauma and abuse, you will keep displaying unbecoming behavior to continue suppressing the negative truth. You will keep doing things that could really cause some wreckage for your future. Making changes is necessary, although you may not know where to start.

Change Playgrounds and Playmates

If you continue to be around people or go to places that can create cravings, you may find yourself making bad choices once again. Start hanging with others who are sober and working a program, and you will find that your quality of life will improve. You are who you surround yourself with, so choose wisely to protect your sobriety.

Participate in Your Own Recovery.

You need to keep yourself busy, and participating in recovery can do just that. Going to any lengths to stay sober will allow you to do better things in your life. No one can work your program for you, but you should go hard for yourself. Preventing yourself from making wrong decisions starts by spending your time doing quality activities.

Start the Healing Process for Your Trauma

Hurt people hurt people. If you are not working through your past trauma, you will continue to feel awful and mistreat yourself and others. Getting help to understand why your trauma makes you act the way you do will get you clarity about starting the healing process that can keep you from making mistakes. You deserve to feel better, and you can by healing the past.

By attempting these tasks in your recovery, you are setting yourself up to live a fulfilling life. Mistakes will continue to happen because you are human. How you respond to them is everything. Rather than do something that could straight-up cause future wreckage, work through your issues in rehab, 12-Step meetings, or in therapy. You will be happy that you took the time to stay in the present so that you can have a future.

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