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Individuals who battle with mental illness have most likely been blamed for their condition at some point in their lives. Their symptoms are sometimes regarded as “a phase” or something within control if “they only tried.” Some people have even been labeled abnormal.

Stigma can cause a person to feel ashamed of something beyond their control. Worst of all, stigma can prevent a person from seeking help. While the stigma surrounding mental health issues has decreased in recent years, it still exists. If you are facing stigma because of mental health issues, here are three suggestions that may help you.

#1. Seek Treatment

An essential thing you can do for yourself is seek professional help. Don’t let the fear of being labeled with a mental health condition stop you from getting help. Think about it this way — just as you would schedule an appointment with your doctor when you’re physically ill, do the same for your mental condition. Don’t let the fear of stigma prevent you from seeking help.

Remember that treatment is crucial to providing comfort and minimizing symptoms that interfere with your life. Be friendly and kind with yourself as you go for therapy. At times it’s challenging to ask for help because it makes you appear vulnerable, but understand that you’re worth every bit of help. And also, it is entirely okay to be helped.

#2. Never Subscribe to the Stigma

Never think that mental illness is a sign of weakness and that you should cope by yourself. Due to this manner of thinking, you could treat yourself in a rather unjust way. Finding support from others with mental illness, being kind to oneself and others, and seeking counseling and education can help you gain self-esteem, improve your perspective, and overpower self-limiting belief systems.

#3. Educate Yourself and Others

Power comes from knowledge. Learn everything you can about mental illnesses, their symptoms, and treatments.  Being knowledgeable is the first step toward recovery. Furthermore, teach others that mental illness is a medical problem treated similarly to any other condition. Equip them with accurate knowledge to dispel many of the myths and misconceptions about your mental illness.

You can candidly discuss the condition and your daily challenges with someone who is supportive.  People are likely to change their negative attitudes toward mental illness when they understand it. Also, remember not to expect people to understand everything right away. Treat yourself and others with patience. It takes time to overcome stigma.

Despite progress made in understanding mental health disorders, stigma still exists. Stigma can make it hard for individuals to find the courage to seek help for their mental health issues due to the fear of being labeled as “crazy” or “weak.” Learn how to fight the stigma today with The Guest House. Our world-class facility located in Silver Springs, Florida, can provide you with a safe space for healing. With us, you can learn to heal and be confident in your diagnosis. For more information, call us today at (855) 483-7800.