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How Do I Jump Back From a Relapse?

The hope in your recovery is to keep you from going back out there and doing more research with drugs and alcohol. With no cure for addiction, there may come a time when you experience a weak moment and give in. Relapse happens, and if a relapse happens to you, the best thing you can do is dust yourself off and jump right back into the recovery game.

Call Your Sponsor

Letting your sponsor, therapist, or recovery friend know about your recent slip can give them the opportunity to be of service to you and change your perspective. Your pride may keep you from wanting to tell the truth about your relapse, although, the truth will set you free to move forward and learn about why you relapsed in the first place.

Get to a Meeting

Nothing is better than getting to a meeting and listening to what others did after a relapse. You will comprehend that everyone is susceptible to relapse, and everyone also has the resources to stay sober. Even though you might convince yourself that everyone will be mad, you will be pleasantly surprised when everyone puts their hand out to you and tells you to keep coming back.

Help Someone Else

No matter how little time you have in sobriety, there is always someone that you can find to help. Being of service gives you the ability to stop thinking about yourself and give back to someone else in need. You may think you have nothing to offer, yet you do.

Giving back what was so freely given to you will strengthen your recovery more than you could have guessed. Your relapse might make you want to run away so that you do not have to feel shame and guilt. In fact, you may want to continue drinking and using drugs to numb your embarrassment.

To make things better, turn to your recovery measures and your recovery friends because they will understand your frustration. Recovery is one day at a time and is not guaranteed unless you make sobriety your number one priority. There will be times when doubt sets in, but just remember there is nothing so bad that a drink or drug will make better.

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