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sponsorA 12-Step program is comprised of suggestions that are intended to help you maintain your sobriety. The purpose of the program is to relate to others who also suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. These people will be able to completely understand how you feel. Opening yourself up to the support of a 12-Step program can also lead you to one of the mainstays of the program: obtaining a sponsor. 


As you proceed to ask someone else in your homegroup to be your sponsor, you may be wondering whether you made the right choice. Only time will tell if this is the right match, but here are some of the qualifications you can look for to confirm your decision. 


They told your story

Being able to relate to a sponsor is imperative. Bonding over the common peril of your addiction will connect you like no other. If they are speaking your language and telling your story, you are already off to a good start in picking a sponsor. Relatability is very important, or else you may not feel comfortable opening up to them. 


They have what you want

What a sponsor has to offer should not be in the material sense. What they have to provide will come from their spirituality, their knowledge of the 12-Steps, and their guidance in helping you to stay sober. They will open up to you so that you can take your guard down and learn how to become vulnerable in your recovery. As they start taking you under their wing in recovery, you will realize that you want to be just like them when you “grow up” in your recovery. 


They walk the walk 

A 12-Step program is all about taking action, so you want someone who does the work. Sponsorship is less about fellowship and more about recovering from drugs and alcohol. Taking you through the 12-Steps is the main focus of a sponsorship relationship. You will want them to navigate you through the steps so you can finally achieve a spiritual awakening.  


Your recovery must be all about meeting your needs to stay sober. Finding a sponsor who is on the same page with you will genuinely enhance your spiritual experience in the program to the nth degree. 

At The Guest House Ocala, our recovery programs include many experiential modalities, including traditional therapy, conscious connected breathwork, equine therapy, somatic experiencing, art in healing, grief therapy, mindfulness, and other forms of therapy.

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