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How Do I Let Go of Things That Are Weighing Me Down?

When we’re living with addiction and mental health issues, one of the things that most holds us back in our pursuit of healing is our tendency to hold onto things that are weighing us down. We form strong attachments to things that we feel are important to us, habits, relationships, circumstances, certain issues in our lives, but which can ultimately be detrimental and burdensome to our mental and emotional health as well as our overall wellbeing. We tend to believe that we don’t deserve to be happy, that we don’t deserve to be free of the expectations, burdens, attachments and limitations we’re experiencing. We often are holding onto things and people out of a sense of obligation and dutifulness. Sometimes our pride keeps us from letting go of the things that aren’t serving us. Sometimes we’re afraid of feeling loss, or emptiness, or loneliness, so much so that we cling to things and relationships that are more harmful to us than they are beneficial. How can we let go of the things that are weighing us down?

Personal Inventory

One of the first steps in this process of healing, releasing and detaching is taking inventory of everything that is weighing us down. We often feel a persistent sense of heaviness, of oppressive weight, of feeling burdened and bogged down, but we don’t know what it is that is causing these feelings for us. We don’t know what is draining us. We know we have limited energy, and we know that we feel our inner resources dwindling, but we don’t know why. Let’s take a closer, more honest, more open look at what’s going on in our lives that might be causing us to feel so weighed down, so limited and held back. Is there an unhealthy relationship that is causing you persistent turmoil, conflict, uneasiness and unhappiness? Is there a toxic habit or routine that is consuming your time? Is there a certain thought pattern or emotional pattern that is taking over your life and causing you pain? What do you feel an unhealthy attachment towards? What is making you unhappy? What pain have you yet to heal? What issues do you have yet to resolve?

Consciousness Creates Receptivity

We can’t heal that which we don’t address, so let’s increase our consciousness around everything going on within us and around us – everything we’re thinking and feeling, all of the interactions and relationships in our lives, all of the decisions we’re making and behaviors we’re choosing. Let’s go deeper within ourselves, into our addictive patterns and the patterns of our depressions and other mental health issues, into the many elements that are weighing us down, that are ultimately contributing to our health problems without realizing it. Once we develop more awareness around what is weighing us down, we then open ourselves to being more receptive to different methods of helping ourselves release and detach in healthy ways, such as with therapy and energy healing practices such as tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), meditation, yoga and Reiki.

At The Guest House Ocala, our recovery programs include many experiential modalities including traditional therapy, conscious connected breathwork, equine therapy, somatic experiencing, art in healing, grief therapy, mindfulness and other forms of therapy.

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