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Trauma grief is something that can plague a person’s soul. Without correctly processing the pain of the circumstances, someone could experience feelings of depression and anxiety that can hold them back from living life. Grief is the response to a personal loss that can occur from a tumultuous breakup or the death of a loved one, including a miscarriage. Knowing why these awful situations happen is difficult to discern. A person could get caught in a cycle of grief that can be very painful and could cause a relapse to occur in their recovery. 

Mourning is the action of grieving in a way that allows you to move forward out of the pain. Up until this point, you may have found yourself crying uncontrollably, carrying a massive sense of burden, isolating, upset stomach, and dealing with the onset of abnormal sleep patterns. Now that you have found yourself in enough pain with all the physical and mental symptoms, you can start mourning outside the personal boundaries of grief. By getting yourself ready to mourn in safe places and with safe people, you will see that sobriety may depend on working through the grieving process in a healthy way.

Acknowledge the Pain

If you try to stuff the pain down deep inside, you will never gain any closure. Mourning entails identifying that you are experiencing pain to help process what you are going through. You can try to get through the loss without having to cope with drugs and alcohol if you admit that you are indeed in pain.

Accept the Pain

No one wants to believe that they have to deal with pain to mourn. You may even think that you have your grief under control. By not properly mourning, your pain will manifest in other ways and make you suffer when you least expect it. 

Understand the Pain

Take into consideration that mourning will release your pain and help you gain perspective as to why you are hurting emotionally. You do not want to get stuck in anger or resentment because you may not be able to get vulnerable enough to get real about what you are feeling. Talk to someone about your loss so you have a better understanding of your grief to help you to move on. 

Use the Pain

Going through your grief will give you the experience, strength, and hope to help someone else to mourn. Assisting another person and helping them know that they do not have to go through their grief alone will allow you to be of service during a difficult time.  


You can get through the pain of trauma grief with some intentional actions. With accepting that this has happened, you can better understand how to deal with your loss and enhance your recovery along the way. At The Guest House Ocala, we have personal recovery experience and over 12 years in the recovery industry. We have helped countless people recover, and we’re here to help you too. Call (855) 483-7800 today for more information.